LightHill is an early-style church which began in late 2016. We are a church of deep worship, a house of prayer, a congregation of revival, a place where people encounter supernatural events through the absolute power of Yahweh.  LigthHill's approach is "back-to-the-basics" where we go back to the scriptures, without compromising the word of God to fit today's norms and modern beliefs. Our purpose is to provide an encounter for people to encounter God. As a church, the Lord's rebuilding ancient altars of worship and we encounter tangible manifestation of His presence and power.





Ebenezer & Abigail Gabriels are the Pastors of LightHill Church.

Revival and redemption broke through in their lives, after undergoing the Lord's deliverance from worldly pleasures. The Lord commissioned them to lead His people back to Him, letting them know that Heaven is prepared for those who live in obedience to the Father.

Ebenezer is called as a Prophet, Worshipper, Musician, Pastor and Technologist. Having undergone training and testing periods from the Lord, Ebenezer desires that everyone will learn to about the bloody cross where Jesus' blood was shed for our salvation. He hopes that regardless of our far people have gone from God into the world, they would learn about His forgiving power and humbly walk in it, live holy and worship the Lord unto revival. 

Abigail is a Pastor, Intercessor, bible teacher, a songwriter, worshipper and and Data Scientist.. She has a focus on prayers and deliverance for the outcast lost, voiceless, brokenhearted and the oppressed. She partners with women of all ages with a vision for deliverance and restoration.

Abigail and Ebenezer are delightfully married and their ministry is deeply rooted in the worship of YHWH and the deliverance of God's people.

Pastor Abigail and Ebenezer